Feeling, nurturing and advancing Ainu crafts

Located in Takumi no Michi, which has a strong connection to Ainu crafts, Urespa provides a space for people to watch leading artisans at work, for aspiring craftspeople to hone their skills, and for visitors and locals to experience Ainu crafts in an accessible way. Urespa’s goal is to create a place where everyone can feel the heritage of Ainu crafts, nurture technical skills, and pass on those traditions to future generations.

Activities available at Urespa

Urespa is a place where anyone can engage in crafts, from artisans with skills that have been passed down through the generations to those with no previous experience. A wealth of activities are available, with new technology such as laser processing equipment and DIY tools in addition to spaces for traditional crafts using hand tools.

  • Traditional Ainu craft workshops
  • Accessory creation workshops
  • Educational courses with experienced artisans
  • Laser processing workshops
  • Woodworking machine workshops
  • Cultural exchange events

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