Biratori Town Countryside Stay Promotion Project

We want as many people as possible to experience the rich nature, history and culture of Biratori

This initiative aims to revitalize the local community by encouraging visitors to Biratori to extend their stay and experience the rich nature, history, culture and delicious food that this rural community has to offer. Urespa is a focal point of this initiative, responsible for its management and the development of activities such as experiences relating to crafts, agriculture and forestry.


❶ Effective use of everything Biratori has to offer (culture, nature, industry, food and local people), particularly with regards to Nibutani
❷ Effective use of Urespa’s facilities and functions
❸ Realization of measures designed to promote countryside stays in cooperation with programs such as the practical local employment creation program
❹ Establishment of a sustainable management system based around Urespa in cooperation with the local community
❺ Promotional activities to align with the opening of the National Ainu Museum and Park (Upopoy) in 2020