Biratori Ainu Crafts and Heritage Center

Nibutani is a center for Ainu crafts
that promotes forward-looking cultural exchange



Feeling, nurturing and advancing Ainu crafts

The Biratori Ainu Crafts and Heritage Center, also known as Urespa, is located in Takumi no Michi, an area with a strong connection to Ainu crafts. Opened in April 2019, it provides a space for people to see leading artisans at work, for aspiring craftspeople to hone their skills, and for visitors and locals to experience Ainu crafts in an accessible way.

Biratori Town
Countryside Stay Promotion Project

“We want as many people as possible to experience the rich nature, history and culture of Biratori”

This initiative aims to revitalize the local community by encouraging visitors to Biratori to extend their stay and experience the rich nature, history, culture and delicious food that this rural community has to offer. Urespa is a focal point in this initiative.

Biratori Town

A town with abundant forests and rich nature

Biratori Town is located in Hokkaido’s Hidaka Subprefecture. Well known for its plentiful nature and as a center of Ainu culture, the town continues to build a prosperous and vibrant community based on its principle industry of agriculture.


Biratori Urespa
Hokkaido 055-0101
Opening hours: 9:00am to 4:30pm
Closed: New Year’s holiday (December 31 - January 5)
Phone:01457-3-7501 FAX.01457-3-7502